Programmes d'effets visuels. Connecté à l'industrie.

10 years delivering online specialized programs in Advanced 3D modeling, Digital Matte Painting, and Effects Animation Houdini training for the Animation, Visual Effects, Virtual Reality, and Video Game industries.

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Diplôme Supérieur en Modélisation 3D

Diplôme d'Animation d'Effets

Diplôme de Matte Painting Numérique

Diplôme en Gestion de Production en Divertissement Numérique

Développement de Carrière Professionnelle

Introduction aux Arts Numériques

Scénario pour l'animation

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 I’m so thankful to have had the chance to be on this program as I really don’t know what I would have done otherwise. Being an artist in the entertainment industry was a dream of mine for as long as I remember but felt like there wasn’t much opportunity for me to reach it in the position I was in, but now I’m definitely on the right road to make it happen thanks to the VANAS' help. Through all the experience I have also really taken out what it takes to be a great artist, drawing constantly, never stop pushing your skills as well as always learning and re-learning everything. 

VANAS helps artists to enter the digital entertainment industries. That is, the animation, VFX, VR and Video Game industries.
Stephanie Dominguez
Concept Artist - RARE Games